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S . A . D
conceived and conceptualised by lim woan wen
created with daniel k & yeongwen lee

seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is a mood disorder caused mainly by the lack of exposure to sunlight as a result of the shortening of daylight hours during winter. SAD is rare, if existent at all in the tropics.

a movement piece that begins its choreography with light, S . A . D reviews the role of light in a performance and experiments with the range of possibilities of the effects of light on a performer's body.

instead of designing after the choreography is set, light is placed on the stage first, before the performer comes into the picture. This "reversed" choreographic method emphasizes the performer's inherent response towards a given lit environment , rather than the aesthetical spectacle that light can create.

S . A . D is searching for a new vocabulary as light and the performer meet in dialogue.

culminating from a 5-year incubation of an idea and a belief, S . A . D marks the beginning of a personal investigative journey into the intertwined relationship between light and the human body.

as one of the 5 proposals selected for sparks 4 this year, a 20 minute presentation of the work-in-progress was shown at the esplanade theatre studio in september.

running in its fourth year, sparks is the esplanade's creative development programme.


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